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Awards and Distinctions

Lewert Law has been recognized as one of the premier firms in Boca Raton and beyond by some of the most prestigious observers in the area. Our firm has been distinguished for its standard-setting legal services and extraordinary commitment to clients. Plus, Lewert Law has been singled out as a leading local business and a dedicated advocate for community causes. By going above and beyond for each and every client, Lewert Law has established itself as the type of family law firm that people hope to work with. You can explore the awards and distinctions bestowed on Lewert Law below. These are some of the qualities that have allowed the firm to stand out in the eyes of clients, colleagues, and competitors.

  • Commitment – Every clients deserves the finest legal services available. That means providing options, offering information and support, and pursuing family law in a way that the client feels comfortable with. Lewert Law is committed to putting the needs and wants of the client front and center.
  • Competence – Family law is not simple. And the decisions that come out of family courts impact everyone involved for years to come. Navigating this process with confidence and clarity requires a firm with impressive levels of competence and extensive resources to offer. When clients contact Lewert Law, they are working with an experienced and accomplished team that truly understands the perspective of its clients.
  • Community – A great family law firm is not just a legal resource. It is an important part of the community meeting major needs of local families. That means they know the area, know the courts, and know the families they serve. Lewert Law has become a pillar of the community in and around Boca Raton.
  • Communication – Family laws and courts in the state of Florida can be baffling and overwhelming. It is the job of a good law firm to provide you with all the information you need in terms that are easy to understand and simple to act on. Lewert Law knows how to make the information clients need easy to understand and digest.
  • Clients – A great law firm, and the kind that wins awards is one that puts the needs of the client ahead of all other things. Everyone has rights, but many people are confused and intimidated about taking advantage of the law. The team at Lewert Law turns the law into and accessible and powerful tool that all clients can take advantage of.