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How to Divide Retirement Benefits During a Divorce

By : Tina Lewert | February 28, 2020

Have you recently filed for divorce? If so, you will likely want to ensure you receive all the assets…

Divorce and Taxes: When Should You File Alone?

By : Tina Lewert | February 25, 2020
Divorce and Taxes

For anyone, regardless of your situation, filing taxes is often a daunting task. In the U.S. there are five…

same sex divorces and children

On June 26, 2015, the United States Supreme Court eliminate all state bans on same-sex marriage and legalized it…

How Florida Family Courts Treat Prenuptial Agreements

By : Tina Lewert | February 10, 2020
Prenuptial Agreement

Did you have a great career when you decided to get married? Or, did you or your spouse have…

Marriage Complications

In most situations, when a couple files for divorce in the state of Florida, the court will help the…

New Bill to Eliminate Lifetime Alimony Payments in Florida

According to recent reports, Republican state legislators are working to abolish the “permanent” alimony system in Florida. A bill…

Tips for Announcing Your Divorce on Social Media

By : Tina Lewert | January 27, 2020
Tips for Announcing Your Divorce on Social Media

For a long time, divorce has been a private matter that can have several public ramifications. However, today is…

Child Support Attorney Boca Rotan

There are several divorce decrees in the state of Florida that involve child support. As the circumstances in your…

The Most Common Myths About Men and Divorce

By : Tina Lewert | December 18, 2019

Some people automatically assume that men are going to get the “short end of the stick” when going through…

The Possible Responses When Served Divorce Papers

By : Tina Lewert | December 18, 2019

The news that your spouse wants a divorce is often devastating. The situation is only made worse if you…

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