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What is Voluntary Impoverishment in Florida?

By : Tina Lewert | April 27, 2019
Voluntary Impoverishment in Florida

Unfortunately, some parents will go to great lengths to stop paying child support. One of the more common ways…

3 Reasons Divorce Mediation Fails

By : Tina Lewert | April 18, 2019
Divorce Mediation Fails

If you’re about to go through a divorce, you’ve probably heard friends or family members mention the term ‘mediation’.…

Are More Millennials Getting Prenups?

By : Tina Lewert | April 10, 2019
Millennials Getting Prenups

Millennials are famous for starting and ending popular trends. The generation that brought you the selfie has a new…

Courts Favor The Mother in a Child Custody Case

When parents get divorced, the terms of child custody can weigh on the entire family. Not knowing who gets…

What Are Supportive Relationships?

By : Tina Lewert | March 16, 2019
What Is A Supportive Relationship

After a divorce, there’s always a chance that one spouse will have to pay alimony to the other. Alimony…

What is a QDRO?

By : Tina Lewert | March 08, 2019

After most people go through a divorce, their focus tends to turn to their future. There are always immediate…

Planning for Divorce – Cynical or Proactive

By : Tina Lewert | February 28, 2019
Planning for Divorce

Getting married is always an exciting time in anyone’s life. It’s a time to celebrate love, new beginnings, and…

Mandatory Disclosure in Florida

For most people, blending finances and assets is a natural step when you get married. You’ll likely share bank…

What Should You Know About Florida Guardianships?

By : Tina Lewert | February 10, 2019
Florida Guardianships

If you’re reading this, you might be in the position of becoming a guardian in the state of Florida.…

How To Prepare For A Divorce

By : Tina Lewert | January 29, 2019
How To Prepare For A Divorce

When you’ve decided that it’s time for you and your spouse to divorce, life can feel a bit chaotic.…

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