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Filing 2018 Tax Returns When You Are Divorced

If you’ve recently gone through a divorce, you know that untangling the web that’s formed by marriage can be…

How to Serve Divorce Papers Overseas

By : Tina Lewert | January 07, 2019
Serve Divorce Papers Overseas

Everyone knows that divorce can be difficult. It’s rarely a seamless process filled with casualness, simplicity, and cooperation. Of…

Should You Change Your Name After Divorce?

By : Tina Lewert | December 30, 2018
Change Your Name After Divorce

Many people assume you should change your name after divorce. However, it is not always that cut and dry.…

What You Should Know About Asset Division

By : Tina Lewert | December 21, 2018
asset division

Divorces can be incredibly complex, and asset division can be the hardest part. Everyone has something specific that they…

How to Handle a Paternity Dispute

By : Tina Lewert | December 10, 2018
paternity dispute

A paternity dispute can complicate and lengthen and be the hardest part of a divorce. Even after divorce or…

Children’s Vaccinations in a Parenting Plan

By : Tina Lewert | November 30, 2018
Children's Vaccinations

When it comes to parenting, there are some common disagreements that can cause friction. This can be true for…

Holiday Visitation Schedule

Creating a shared custody holiday schedule for the first time can be challenging in more ways than one. Time-sharing,…

settle terms of divorce during mediation

A divorce can be a complicated and emotional time, but there are things you can do to make the…

How to Change A Child Support Order in Florida

By : Tina Lewert | October 30, 2018
How to Change Child Support Order in Florida

Things change in life. You were once single without responsibilities, and then you had a child. Your life changed.…

What Determines a Time-Sharing Schedule in Florida

By : Tina Lewert | October 18, 2018
time-sharing schedule

If you are facing a divorce, you may have to consider a time-sharing schedule, as Florida prefers shared parenting…

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