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Divorce And Family Law Blog

Serving Divorce Papers Through Facebook Messenger

By : Tina Lewert | June 18, 2018
divorce papers

Divorce and the repercussions are a topic that most people want to avoid. Some people will go so far…

Mental Health During Divorce

No one doubts the importance of laws that help protect our children from troublesome situations. Trouble comes in many…

A New Way To Pay For Divorce

By : Tina Lewert | May 18, 2018
Boca Raton divorce attorney

There’s a new type of lender on the financial scene. Instead of mortgages, car loans, or payday loans, these…

3 Ways Artificial Intelligence Can Help Divorce

By : Tina Lewert | May 09, 2018
AI Helps Divorce

Artificial Intelligence, also known as AI, has a major impact on life in general. There are many industries that…

High Stakes Divorce

Going through a high stakes divorce can be one of the rockiest periods of your life. There are so…

Uncontested Divorce: What Is It?

By : Tina Lewert | March 09, 2018
Divorce Lawyer Boca Raton

When a marriage begins, there’s a ceremony where vows are given by each person joining their lives together. Many…

Fighting Back Against Domestic Assault

By : Tina Lewert | February 16, 2018
domestic assault

Your home should be your safe place. The place that you go to for comfort and relaxation. For many,…

Gray Divorce: A Growing Trend

By : Tina Lewert | February 08, 2018
gray divorce

The first few years of any marriage can be quite difficult. However, so can the last few years of…

No Fault Divorce vs Fault Divorce

By : Tina Lewert | January 29, 2018
no fault divorce

There are two main types of divorces. First, you have the no fault divorce. This is one of the…

Florida Parental Responsibility Vs. Child Custody

By : Tina Lewert | January 18, 2018
Florida parental responsibility

Child custody is usually a major point of disagreement in divorce cases. In most situations, two parents can’t come…

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