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Divorce can be a very stressful and emotional time in your life. This can be especially difficult if you and your spouse have children or shares assets. Working with a Pompano Beach divorce lawyer who is an expert and Board Certified can ensure that your rights are protected and that the terms of your divorce are fair.

Most people who seek divorce are unfamiliar with the process and don’t know what to expect. Uncertainty can cause additional stress and frustration. It is important to have a Pompano Beach divorce attorney who has a solid understanding of Florida’s divorce laws and procedures. Contact Family Law Attorney in Pompano Beach, FL today.

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Board Certified Pompano Beach Divorce Attorney Tina L. Lewert focuses on marital and family law issues. She is a certified specialist and has the experience and knowledge to help you navigate the legal system and fight for a positive outcome. Tina L. Lewert, is also a Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Law Mediator. This means that she can also help you and your spouse resolve divorcing-related matters and negotiate for an amicable agreement outside of courtrooms.

Divorce cases can be complicated and not always straightforward. Many divorce cases are complicated by issues like child custody or a restraining order. These cases require a skilled and experienced Pompano Beach divorce lawyer who can help you understand the issues and create a plan of action. Tina L. Lewert can resolve a variety of family law matters including:

Tina L. Lewert can help you move forward with your life, regardless of what divorce or family law issue you are facing. To schedule your confidential and free consultation, contact Lewert Law, LLC by calling (561) 544-6861.

Pompano Beach Divorce Attorney: Common Questions When Getting Divorced in Pompano Beach, FL

A Pompano Beach divorce can be a difficult and stressful process. Understanding what you can expect will help you be prepared for each step of the divorce process. This will help you to get through the legal process with confidence and allow you to start living your life again.

Tina Lewert, Lewert Law, LLC is one of the best Pompano Beachn divorce lawyers and is board-certified in family and marital law. Our family law practice receives many questions from potential clients who are considering divorcing. We get many questions from prospective clients who are seriously considering getting divorced. Here are some of the top Pompano Beach divorce questions we hear from our clients. Contact Family Law Attorney in Pompano Beach, FL today.

How do I get a Divorce in Pompano Beach, Florida?

Florida is considered a “no fault” state when it comes to divorce. The courts do not require proof of adultery or domestic violence, which is what some states require. A spouse may request a divorce and will be granted it regardless of who is responsible for the marital dissolution.

A family court judge will usually require that one of the parties declare that the marriage is “irretrievably damaged” and that reconciliation or counseling cannot save the marriage.

Am I Required to go to Court to get Divorced in Pompano Beach, Florida?

You may be able to avoid court if your marriage is not contested, and you and your soon to-be-former spouse agree on the terms of your divorce. You may instead choose to have a Pompano Beach mediator negotiate your terms. You and your spouse may reach an amicable settlement with a Pompano Beach mediator, rather than in front of the judge.

If you have issues arise such as child custody or alimony, or the division of your assets, then you will need to file for a divorce hearing. Every Pompano Beach family law case differs. The length of your divorce will depend on how complicated your case is and what issues arise.

What is the Average Time it Takes to get a Divorce in Pompano Beach, Florida?

The specific facts of each divorce case will determine the time frame for a Pompano Beach divorce.

In cases of uncontested dissolution, where both the parties have reached an agreement on the division of assets and child support, or any other issue, the process of getting a divorce decree finalized can take up to a matter of weeks.

The process of a Pompano Beach divorce can be lengthy in divorce cases that are contested. A contested divorce can take anywhere between four to six months, or longer. A judge will need to intervene to determine the outcome. The length of a contested divorce process depends on how contentious your case is along with what needs to be decided or divided, and how busy the court happens to be when you go to seek a divorce.

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Your future after your marriage may be impacted greatly by your divorce proceedings. You need to hire an experienced Pompano Beach divorce attorney with the knowledge and experience necessary to protect your rights and advocate for you.

Pompano Beach divorce attorney Tina L. Lewert, understands divorce is a sensitive process, but will be able to guide you through the proceedings with a great deal of skill and compassion. Contact Lewert Law, LLC today for expert divorce and family law representation in Pompano Beach, FL. We offer a free and confidential consultation to discuss your Pompano Beach divorce case.

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Pompano Beach ( POMP-ə-noh) is a city in Broward County, Florida, United States, along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, just north of Fort Lauderdale. The nearby Hillsboro Inlet forms part of the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway. As of the 2020 census, the city's population was 112,046. Located 35 miles (56 km) north of Miami, it is a principal city in the Miami–Fort Lauderdale–West Palm Beach metropolitan area, which was home to an estimated 6,158,824 people in 2017. Pompano Beach Airpark, located within the city, is the home of the Goodyear Blimp Spirit of Innovation. == History == Its name is derived from the Florida Pompano (Trachinotus carolinus), a fish found off the Atlantic coast.There had been scattered settlers in the area since at least the mid-1880s, but the first documented permanent residents of the Pompano area were George Butler and Frank Sheen and their families, who arrived in 1896 as railway employees. The first train arrived in the small Pompano settlement on February 22, 1896. It is said that Sheen gave the community its name after jotting down on his survey of the area the name of the fish he had for dinner. The coming of the railroad led to development farther west from the coast. In 1906, Pompano became the southernmost settlement in newly created Palm Beach County.

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Lewert Law, LLC Reviews

Virginia Powers

starstarstarstarstar (5)

Tina helped me win a relocation case against “the giant”. A case many insisted was a waste of time because I would never win. Tina is up to date on current statues and case law which lists out certain objectives a relocation must meet in order to be granted. I am amazed by her intelligence and ability to interpret law and break it down to me in an elementary manner. Throughout the case, she was always detail oriented, eloquent, ethical and most of all, Tina possesses a sixth sense of what facts to focus on, what is important for the case. She adequately prepared me and herself for each trial day. I can not say enough praise about this amazing lawyer, hopefully I’ll never need her again, but I wouldn’t complain if I do. Tina and her assistant Sharon treated me like family. They were the light during the worst part of my life. I don’t want to share too much about her strategies but this woman is AMAZING at cross examination. She came up with angles I would have never dreamed of. It’s important to trust Tina, she won’t steer you wrong. Don’t forget, while she fights hard for you, it is also important for you to be diligent as well.

Lewert Law, LLC Reviews

David Anthony

starstarstarstarstar (5)

I hired Tina Lewert to represent me in my contentious divorce. I had consulted with several other highly rated divorce lawyers in Boca and she just outshined the others from the moment we first spoke. Highly recommend this lawyer to handle your divorce - don't fall for the others who talk a big talk and try to scare you to stir up the drama which stirs up their fees too. Tina was always honest with me about what I could expect, about the law, and the pros and cons, and she explained the law and how it applied to my case better to me than 3 other [supposedly excellent] lawyers combined. She knows what she's doing but she's not pompous about it and she's easy to talk to. Her office and staff are also great and I never had a hard time reaching her. After a very difficult battle with my ex who was completely unreasonable, Tina was able to negotiate a settlement of my case and she did a fantastic job for me. My life is so much better after this divorce and Tina and her firm had a huge hand in that.

Lewert Law, LLC Reviews

David Neale

starstarstarstarstar (5)

Ladies and gentlemen in the world of fighting legal battles you pay for what you get! If you’re looking to win ( if that’s actually possible in a legal battle) this is the firm you need to be with. I’ve had the pleasure of dealing with my attorney Tammara Grossman , since 2020, steering me through some real legal and monetary issues with my ex-wife. I have found her to be Professional and ethical, guiding me in the correct direction legally even when I didn’t always like it. The end result was about as best for me as you could possibly get. I’m happy.

Lewert Law, LLC Reviews

Ally Knoph

starstarstarstarstar (5)

Tina Lewert instilled in me that there are lawyers in family law that understand unique situations. I had horrible experiences with several lawyers and finding Ms. Lewert was nothing shy of a Godsend. She wholeheartedly understood my situation and was the only lawyer to resolve my 10 year nightmare. I cannot thank Ms. Lewert enough for the freedom she gave me and my son. She has proven to be the absolute best! I highly recommend Tina Lewert, Law for her expertise, honesty and commitment to her clients.

Lewert Law, LLC Reviews

Meredith Chatman

starstarstarstarstar (5)

Tina is a wonderful attorney. She guided me through my ugly case and ultimately her wisdom lead me to successful settlement of my case. She wasn’t afraid to advise me of the pros AND cons of my case, and the legal system which can be brutal, and I always felt like she was being straight with me, instead of just telling me what I wanted to hear like another attorney I spoke with. Tina is quick on her feet and I could also tell that she is respected by judges and other attorneys (by the way everyone treated her when we did have to go to court to finalize the divorce once settled). If you need a strong, confident divorce lawyer who also happens to be a good person, hire Tina Lewert.