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7 Tips for Child Timesharing in the summer

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For divorced parents of minor children to ensure a smooth summer break, they should take steps to plan the child timesharing with the end of school and summer vacation right around the corner. They must review their parenting plan, which is the best way to prepare for the upcoming summer months.

Some of the things they need to consider include:

  • Reviewing their parenting plan to verify they are complying with all notice and registration requirements before they register for summer camps. Most times, the cost of the summer camp may be shifted wholly to one parent, or both parents must consent to it. Also, before parents commit to summer camp, they need to understand how the costs and fees are divided.
  • During the summer months, their parenting plan may also provide additional timesharing. Most times, during summer break, there’s an entitlement of two consecutive weeks of timesharing for each parent. They need to understand any changes in timesharing, which can take effect over the summer as they also need to ensure they review their parenting plan.

Perfect Ideas for Child Timesharing in the summer

For years, separated and divorced parents have tossed the word – “we have joint custody” – even when there is no single definition or schedule for the term. When it comes to custody, we have legal, physical, or both. Significant decisions regarding medical care, religious upbringing, education, and the life of the child when they share joint legal custody is the right of both parents.

Even though it doesn’t have to be an exact 50/50 split, children of separated parents live in each of their homes, spending roughly an equal amount of time when they have joint physical custody. Below are some tips that provide for almost the same time for the children with both parents.

2-2-3 Rotation

The children spend a long three-day weekend with Parent A after residing with Parent B for two days and Parent A for two days using this custody schedule. Then, before spending a long three-day weekend with Parent B, the children reside with Parent A for two days and Parent B for two days as the routine flips next week. With this schedule, children can spend alternating weekends with their parents. If parents don’t live relatively close to each other and they have young children, this schedule may place stress on the children.

Alternating Weeks with a Midweek Overnight

The children enjoy one mid-week overnight with the other parent while alternative residence one day a week, typically on Fridays with this schedule. The overnight midweek visit can happen on Tuesdays. However, if another night works well with your work schedules, social schedules, and extracurricular activities of your children, having it on Tuesdays isn’t carved in stone.

A Midweek Visit

For the children never to go a full week without seeing either parent, some families include a midweek evening visit to their alternating week’s schedule. The midweek visit can take place on Tuesdays even though the family can choose whatever day works best for them.

Alternating Weeks

With this schedule, the children will reside in the dad’s house this week and then switch to the mum’s house next week. Though parents can choose whatever day of the week works well for them, some families want to make the transition on Fridays.

2-2-5-5- Rotation

The children live with Parent A for two days and then use another two days with Parent B, followed by five days with Parent A and then five days with Parent B. With this schedule, children can spend Tuesdays and Wednesdays in one residence and also Sundays and Mondays at another. Days like Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays are those that fluctuate from week to week.

3-3-4-4 Rotation

With this schedule, the children spend four days with Parent B and another four days with Parent A after spending three days with Parent A and three days with Parent B. while the children will be at a residence on Wednesdays through Fridays, they will be at the other house on Sundays through Tuesdays. Giving a weekend day to each parent, they will have Saturdays as the one day that changes from week to week.

Alternating Extended Weekends

With this schedule, the children spend every other weekend with their parents. However, the weekend goes on until Monday evening. The 21.37 percent and 78.63 percentages will be shared between the two parents.

The best time of year for a child is the summer. You can learn more about child custody at Board-Certified Bocan Raton Child Custody Attorney, Tina L. Lewert Law, LLC. You will receive a free child custody consultation to get the necessary help on child support, child custody, or alimony.