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Boca Ration Divorce Lawyer: Lewert Law: Is Mediation Valuable in Divorce?

Boca Raton Mediation Lawyer

The single best piece of advice anyone going through a Boca Ration Divorce Lawyer can hear is to consider all of your options carefully. Lots of people want to rush headlong into divorce. And considering the emotions involved, they are often thinking about things with a less-than-rational state of mind, instead of mediation.

If you have decided that divorce from your spouse is the only possible option, be sure to consider mediation as an alternative to divorce court. There are a lot of benefits to choosing mediation, but many couples either overlook or discount it as an option.

That is unfortunate, because for a surprising number of couples, mediation is the preferable way to accomplish the goals of a divorce. It effectively and responsibly brings a marriage to an end. Better still, it is able to eliminate or bypass a lot of the bitter feelings and vicious fighting that attend the divorce process.

Before you move forward with your divorce, take the time to learn more about what mediation involves and why it is valuable. It mediation turns out to be the best option for you, your spouse, and your whole family, you will be glad that you didn’t make the divorce process any harder than it has to be.

What is Mediation?

The mediation process is really quite simple and open-ended. Both spouses typically work with a divorce lawyer who specializes in mediation. Then both parties agree on a neutral third-party who will give guidance and oversight over the mediation process. Finally, all parties meet to discuss through and resolve the major issues involved with divorce like the division of assets and child custody agreements.

The mediator is there to offer objective insights and keep the process on track. But it is not the mediator’s ultimate decision how the details of the divorce are resolved. The couples have to come to a mutual agreement. Plus, they are free to bring any issue they would like to the table. Obviously, important issues about property and children will be discussed. But the focus of the process will not be nearly as narrow as divorce court.

It helps to think of mediation as a kind of structured conversation. The goal is not for one side to beat the other. Rather, the goal is to air the issues, reach compromises, and come to amicable agreements. There is some helpful structure and momentum built into the process. But for the most part, the couple themselves dictates both the substance and the outcomes of the process. That is not the case at all in divorce court.

What are the Benefits of Mediation?

Mediation can potentially benefit all couples and improve any kind of divorce proceeding. But for a certain kind of couple and a certain kind of divorce, it is really the best available option.

It is often the case that divorce is necessary, but that the spouses do not viciously hate each other or want to punish the other party over the long term. They simply want to bring their marriage to an end and split their lives up as quickly, effectively, and peacefully as possibly. Mediation is the option for couples who do not want to turn divorce into a battle.

The process also tends to be both faster from beginning to end, and less expensive in total than going through the divorce courts. Many couples are not interested in lingering on the divorce process. They are simply ready to begin building a new life separately. Mediation is a way to focus on the right issues and reach the right conclusions with a lot less necessary hassle.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, mediation is a lot more open than the divorce courts ever are. Couples can interact as intimately or formally as they want. They are free to bring up as much or as little as the deem necessary. And, for the most part, the process is not bogged down by procedures and protocols. Every divorce is different, and the best way to end a marriage is organically. Mediation offers the kind of adaptability that many couples are looking for at this difficult and confusing time.

Decide if Mediation is Right for You

For some couples, it is the best possible choice and a truly exciting and unexpected option to consider. But the truth is that for some other couples, going though divorce court is absolutely the better option. The same features that make mediation ideal for some couples make it a disastrous choice for others.

If you are contemplating divorce, you will want to get in touch with an experienced attorney as soon as you can. With the help of counsel you can explore the issues at play, learn more about mediation, and determine the best course of action for you, your future, and your family. To get the answers you seek, contact Mediation Lawyer of Lewert Law at 561-544-6861 at your earliest convenience.