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4 Important Facts Florida Residents Must know about divorce

If you’re considering divorce or firmly believe that it is a possibility in your future, it is important to…

What is Considered Stalking in Florida?

By : Tina Lewert | June 16, 2020
What is Considered Stalking in Florida?

Stalking is characterized as a pattern or series of malicious behavior over a specified period. It is more than…

Understanding the Property Division Laws in Florida during a Divorce

When you file for divorce, one of the first concerns you may have is what will happen to the…

The Most Common Myths About Men and Divorce

By : Tina Lewert | December 18, 2019

Some people automatically assume that men are going to get the “short end of the stick” when going through…

Children’s Vaccinations in a Parenting Plan

By : Tina Lewert | November 30, 2018
Children's Vaccinations

When it comes to parenting, there are some common disagreements that can cause friction. This can be true for…

Holiday Visitation Schedule

Creating a shared custody holiday schedule for the first time can be challenging in more ways than one. Time-sharing,…

Mental Health During Divorce

No one doubts the importance of laws that help protect our children from troublesome situations. Trouble comes in many…

How Are Domestic Partnerships Different Than Marriages?

By : Tina Lewert | November 20, 2017
domestic partnerships

A domestic partnership is a relationship between two individuals who live together but are not married. The term is…

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