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Florida Child Custody Laws: Time Sharing

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Child custody is a process that never goes easy. You will never be able to keep all parties happy, at all times. It is a long process that can become draining physically, emotionally and financially. The divorce is already hard enough on the child, the court wants to make sure that they don’t have to suffer more. The parents are old enough and resilient enough to overcome these problems. But, issues stemming from divorce can have a huge impact on children. This is especially true for those who are very young and still developing. There are more factors to think about, also. You can read about some of them here.

Florida Child Custody Laws: The Factors

The court will take several things into consideration when deciding child custody. Some such factors include things like history. If you have a criminal history, a history of drug issues or mental stability issues; there is a possibility that custody will not work in your favor. There is also the ability of the parent to provide for the child. A stay at home mom might have the time to devote to a child, but now they have to find a job. And if they don’t have the skills to do so, there is a chance that they will lose custody. There is the ability to petition for custody later, but you have to be able to support yourself and the child before you can. They also consider who the child favors. This is because in many cases if the child favors one parent over another it is because they find the support and care they want in that parent. Everyone wants what is best for the child, but the court also wants to make sure that they have requirements that can be met consistently. This is one of the things they look for in negotiation of child custody cases.

Florida Child Custody Laws: Time Sharing

The state of Florida tends to lean towards time sharing when it comes to custody of children. They try to work out a schedule that works for both parties and still benefits the child. They like to keep the child’s schedule as normal as possible while making sure that both parents feel the agreement is fair. Sometimes this can mean that one parent gets every other weekend and holidays or summers. They tend to ask both parents about their schedules and living arrangements. From there, they decide what is best for the child and try to work out something that will keep them in the lifestyle they have become accustomed to. The process will extend the divorce, but having a skilled attorney will ensure that it is as quick as possible. They will be able to minimize the damage and negotiate a compromise that will be in your best interest.

Florida Child Custody Laws: Your Attorney

Because your attorney is your voice to the court, you need one you can depend on. They need to be able to represent you well and within the limits of the law. They will know what you can and cannot achieve, which will make the process a little easier. Their experience in this field is essential, so you want to make sure that you find someone with a good reputation, who can get you the best possible outcome. Tensions will already be running high from the dissolution of your union, the easier the child custody discussions can go; the better. You don’t want to compromise your rights or what is best for your child. But, you don’t want to traumatize them, either. Have someone represent you who truly stands for what you want and what your child needs. That is why you need to find someone you trust and who knows the laws very well. Then they will be able to make a case for you and give you a better advantage in court. This is important because that is how the judge will decide who gets child custody and how it is divided.

The more experience your attorney has in child custody cases, the better. But, they will also need a deep understanding of the local laws at hand. This will give you an advantage that other attorneys cannot offer. Be honest and open about everything, so they can play for your strengths and prepare for the downfalls. They will be able to use their experience and insight into the law to advise you on the strategies that will work best. This means they will also know what will fail, having seen it before. You want to make sure that they know all of the details of your case so that they are ready for anything that comes. They need to know if there will be any problems so that they can recover from them. That is the benefit of having a good attorney. You can start your search for one here.