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Know The First Things You Need to Talk About When You Are Filing for a Divorce

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Chances are, you did not decide to file for divorce all of the sudden. There is usually a build-up to this. The majority of people will file for a divorce after they have grown tire of fighting to try and make things work. There isn’t usually any chance of reconciliation in these situations. If you are committed to going through with the divorce, there are certain things you should begin talking about immediately.

Getting Your Priorities Straight

You need to ensure your children are a priority. Sit down with your soon-to-be-ex to talk about the arrangement for your kids. This ensures how you will get them from location to location and who will cover costs and expenses.

Ultimately, you have to create a parenting plan before your divorce will be finalized. This is the document that will explain how you will care for and share custody of your children during school breaks, holidays, birthdays, and more. It will also explain how medical costs will be covered that are not reimbursed by insurance, along with your kid’s activities and sports, schooling, and other childcare costs.

Another important matter you have to discuss is your assets and liabilities. Each of you needs to make a detailed list of these things. In the State of Florida, equitable distribution of your assets is still considered supreme. If you and your ex are unable to reach an agreement regarding how you will split up the things you have, a judge must do this for you.

Other Important Considerations

There are other considerations you have to consider, as well. This includes the matters of child support and alimony.

A judge in Florida will usually consider factors such as each parent’s income, custody and/or visitation schedule, childcare costs, and other items. These will be put into a formula to figure out the amount that is owed in child support.

However, unlike child custody matters, there isn’t a formula for alimony. The judge will likely consider things like how long the marriage lasted, each of the spouses’ incomes, and overall health regarding how much alimony the wife or the husband needs to pay.

In some situations, divorce is a highly contentious battleground. Wives and husbands are fighting things out to try to get a “one-up” on their spouse. However, you don’t have to let things get this combative.

By hiring an attorney to help with the divorce case, you can have confidence that you can handle the divorce process in an amicable manner. For help, information, and resources about divorce and other family law matters, contact Lewert Law, LLC by calling (561) 544–6861.

Our legal team can help ensure that you have the best possible outcome for your situation and that the case is handled in a timely manner.