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Do Lawyer Awards Identify the Best Divorce Lawyer?

Board Certified Boca Raton Divorce Attorney

Trying to find Board Certified Boca Raton Divorce Lawyer to handle your divorce? There are lots of options to choose from and many rely on aggressive marketing tactics that make a lot of bold but vague promises. How can you identify the best divorce lawyer with so many vying for your attention?

A lot of people look at the type and number of lawyer awards a potential attorney has won.

How to Choose the Best Divorce Lawyer

There are advantages to relying on this approach, but also disadvantages. As you search for the divorce lawyer, consider both sides of the equation:


Lawyer awards are judged by colleagues, peers, and critical observers. That means the winners of lawyer awards stand out from the pack regarding their accomplishments and abilities. And since the awards are judged objectively, they help you cut through all the sales pitches and identify the divorce lawyer based on real merits. Not all lawyer awards are created equal, and some are for things that are unrelated to your divorce. But they are still a reliable tool for picking out the best Family Law lawyer.


The reason that lawyer awards may not lead you to the best lawyer is that only you can decide what that person looks like. An award-winning lawyer may have a stellar track record and offer well-respected legal services, but that does not ensure they will be everything you want and need them to be during the complicated and consequential process of divorce. You may be wowed by a shelf of awards only to find out that your lawyer either can’t or won’t be the counsel you require. Do not discount lawyer award entirely, but do not use this one factor to identify the best lawyer for you specifically.

The best way to get a sense for a lawyer, along with any award he or she has won, is to sit down for a face-to-face meeting. The conversation you have will tell you a lot more than any plaque or trophy ever could. Have that conversation free of charge by calling Lewert Law at 561-544-6861.