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3 Reasons to Pursue Postnuptial Agreements

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Postnuptial Agreements – Lewert Law

The practice of signing postnuptial agreements is still not widely understood, but the number of these types of agreements is on the rise. There is a growing body of evidence to suggest that these legally binding contracts made after a couple has wed can strengthen a marriage. In any case, they are an option for couples who are focused on their relationship. Here are three reasons you might consider pursuing postnuptial agreements:

  1. You Have Children from a Previous Marriage:
    If this is not your first marriage and you have children with a former spouse you likely still have a strong relationship with those children. A spouse who wants to ensure that these children are financially protected if a new marriage were to end needs legal guarantees. Postnuptial agreements can be used to outline how these kids fit into the assets of a marriage.
  2. Your Marriage is on Shaky Ground
    There are lots of reason that a marriage can begin to decline. And it is often the case that one partner is more invested in the relationship than the other. A spouse who wants to demonstrate their commitment to a lasting, effective union can use postnuptial agreements. These legal documents say in no uncertain terms that at least one partner is working to make things better.
  3. You Plan to Raise Children
    It is now a possibility for either parent to take an extended absence from the workforce to raise children. They provide a value for the service but sacrifice a significant amount of wages and career capital in the process. If a marriage should dissolve, this professional disadvantage should not affect the parent who stayed home. Before leaving the workforce, consider drafting postnuptial agreements that address your finances.

Contrary to popular opinion about documents like these, postnuptial agreements are not a cynical approach to marriage. They are simply a realistic one and one that typically serves the needs of both parties. If you would like to explore postnuptial agreements further, call Lewert Law at 561-544-6861 for a free consultation.