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Stay-at-Home Moms and Divorce: Everything You Need to Know

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More women than ever before are opting to leave the workforce to stay home and raise their children. In fact, according to a recent study, approximately 29% of moms in America now stay home, which is a six percent increase from just 20 years ago.

Most parents spend a lot of time thinking about the pros and cons of having a parent remain in the home, but usually, they aren’t considering the possibility of a divorce. For stay-at-home moms who are now facing divorce, there are a few things they need to know, which are highlighted here.

Stay-at-Home Moms May be at a Disadvantage During a Divorce

Because most couples split the assets they acquired during their marriage, a stay-at-home mom is often at a disadvantage. After all, they typically earn minimal income on their own during their marriage, which is something that can have an impact when it is time for a divorce.

Sometimes, funds or access to the funds isn’t something a stay-at-mom has to move out and find a place to live during the divorce process.

Significant Lifestyle Changes are Usually Needed After a Divorce

Today, many women to opt to remain at home, do this for personal reasons. It is a choice they take pride in and a lifestyle they enjoy. However, this is something that’s also not always sustainable after they go through a divorce.

Many stay-at-home moms have to return to work after their divorce is final, and this is something that can be a challenge. Sometimes, it’s challenging for them to find work because there’s a significant gap in their career history.

Stay-at-Home Moms Need to Work with an Attorney

Because of the unique circumstances that stay-at-home moms are in, it is a good idea for them to find and work with a qualified family law attorney who fully understands their needs and who will work hard to advocate for their rights.

It’s important for a stay-at-home mom to partner with a lawyer who will make sure they receive the support needed for their children, along with a secure start to her new life as a single, independent mom who is opening a new chapter in her life.

There’s no question that the thought of divorce can be daunting and overwhelming for anyone. However, it’s especially intimidating for a stay-at-home mom who may not be fully prepared to re-enter the work force or who may be struggling to become financially independent. It is crucial that they work with an attorney who will help guide them through the divorce situation.

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