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Four Ways A Divorce Mediator Can Help A Messy

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Everyone has a dream of growing up and finding a perfect love. However, for some people, this is not always the case. Some people never marry, and some people marry and live happily ever after, some marry and then divorce. A divorce can become a very hostile and adverse situation for both parties. In a divorce, there can be fights over numerous things. Some of the most contentious points are money, property, and child custody. When kids, especially young children are involved, it is not uncommon for visitation rights and scheduling to be the most heated issue when settling the divorce. There are a few different ways for both sides to come to agreeable terms in a cordial manner. Possibly, the most efficient way is to have a divorce mediator.

It is a Much Faster Option

In Florida, if your divorce is uncontested then it should not take you more than a little over a month to get in front of a judge. However, if your divorce is disputed and the courts must make decisions regarding your divorce then you better have a lot of patience. A contested divorce can very well not go to court for six months or longer. In Florida’s busiest counties it is possible to wait over a year to get in front of a judge. By hiring a divorce mediator, you streamline the process instead of waiting an unknown amount of time. This is very important to consider because you honestly do not know how long it could take to go before a judge. When you are going through a divorce all you want to do is move on with your life; you do not want to have the weight of a divorce holding you down for what will most likely by a few months at least.

Takes a Lot of the Emotional Burden Off

Sometimes as a society we forget about how heartbreaking a divorce can be. It has become so standard in society today we forget what’s behind a divorce. Two people who were once madly in love with each other and planning to spend the rest of their lives with each other are calling it quits. That is not a feeling anyone wants to feel. Divorces quickly and often take a contentious route. Having a divorce mediator there to keep the best interest of both parties as the number one priority can drastically change the environment of your divorce. Instead of fighting with your soon to be ex-spouse over issues such as child support, alimony, property, or other assets you can calmly sit down with the divorce mediator and work out a plan that works for both of you. During a time when emotions are running high, any step that can be taken to avoid a hostile environment should be made.


The cost of going through a divorce mediator is much smaller than if you were to go to court. The biggest contributor is the how much less time it takes. When deciding to go to court over a contested divorce, you are going to wait months to go before a judge and in all that time lawyers can keep charging you. After a while, this starts to build up, and you can end up with a steep bill at the end of the divorce. The second reason is that in a divorce your personal lawyer will always try to get you to keep pushing. This is because as long as you keep pushing and the divorce does not settle they can keep charging you. A divorce mediator has both parties best interest at hand and will work to resolve your issues as fast and easy as possible.

Life After Divorce

This point somewhat feeds off the previous paragraph. Because a mediator can help smooth over a divorce it will make life after divorce much easier; this is especially true when a divorce involves children. Having a friendly relationship with your ex can make a huge difference in your life. It will make things much easier for you, your ex-spouse, the children, and everyone involved. If you have a good relationship with your ex, it creates a much more positive environment for your kids. In a divorce, kids feel as though they need to pick a side which is very unhealthy for any family. This can create even more tension between the two parties in the divorce. Having a healthy relationship with your former spouse makes scheduling the kids much easier. When planning the children’s schedule is easy the rest of the divorce can usually follow suit. This is because children are often the strongest point of conflict in a divorce. A healthy environment is critical for kids as they grow up. If one parent talks badly about the other, it creates an awkward situation for the children.