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Not The Vacation You Dreamed Of: Divorce Weekend

If you are divorcing or expecting to dissolution in south Florida, it’s far too complicated to go it alone. As soon as you know that you are divorcing, contact an experienced Boca Raton divorce attorney. Dissolution is difficult for most people, and sometimes it could even be called tragic. However, a new trend is slowly emerging in the dissolution industry. For some people, divorce is a cause for joy, and that is making the celebration of dissolution one of America’s fastest-growing commercial industries.

Late last year, the news website Huffington Post declared that wedding cakes need to “move over” because “There’s a new cake in town – it’s the divorce cake.” According to the website, these sugary treats are flourishing in popularity along with “divorce parties.” One bakery here in Florida offers these “divorce cakes” and claims to bake about one a week for divorcing clients. Divorce party planners offer packages ranging from $1,000 to $5,000. Divorce rings, dissolution cards, and divorce photographers are growing in both numbers and profits. One resort in upstate New York is even offering dissolution vacations, and couples are buying.

The Saratoga Springs’ Gideon Putnam Resort has hosted scores of extravagant weddings. Now the upscale New York resort is exploiting the other side of matrimony by offering “divorce weekend” packages to divorcing couples. According to the New York Post, you can check in as a married couple on Friday and check out after your divorce weekend, legally divorced by Sunday. The resort, says the Post, “Our Divorce Weekend promises couples a painless split in an idyllic setting.” The entire package costs $5,000. It includes separate accommodations for two nights, a designated lawyer for each divorcing spouse, and a mediator to draw up the dissolution papers. There’s also a welcome basket containing Saratoga sparkling water, red wine, dark chocolate, and other goodies, as well as an informational brochure.

Dissolution cakes may be judged inappropriate by some, and the very concept of a “divorce party” is probably still disturbing to many of us, but the experts say that recognizing a personal loss through participating in a ritual event is an ancient and basic human coping mechanism. If you’re up for it, a dissolution party can provide a real sense of closure when you need to move forward positively with your life.

Divorce is still sad and painful for many, and counseling sessions may be more called for than parties for most people who are divorcing. Nevertheless, a genuinely new industry is emerging with dissolution cakes, divorce rings, dissolution photography, and dissolution cards. Of course, before you order a cake, hire a photographer, or plan a dissolution party in south Florida, don’t forget the most important step. Contact an attorney who’s a specialist with substantial dissolution experience. You need to contact an attorney with considerable experience in divorce cases, someone who will ensure that your legal rights and long-term best interests are protected. If you’re divorcing or expecting to dissolution in Palm Beach County or anywhere else in south Florida, arrange at once to speak with an experienced Boca Raton divorce attorney.