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Should You Take Your Divorce to Court?

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If you and your spouse are considering divorce in South Florida, you may be wondering if Florida requires you to have “grounds” for a divorce. In the past, obtaining a divorce was far more complicated than it is today – and it’s still not easy now. However, you aren’t required to provide “grounds” for divorce to a divorce court. Married couples in Florida may divorce if that is one partner’s decision, and no legal grounds or reasons are required beyond your desire to dissolution. In south Florida, before you take any legal action to initiate a divorce, first discuss your rights and circumstances with an experienced Boca Raton divorce lawyer.

People may dissolve a marriage for any reason that applies to them in Florida, and they don’t have to prove that their partner was cruel, abusive, or adulterous. However, if you are involved in a contested dissolution, you will require the help of an experienced divorce attorney to ensure that your rights are protected and that you are treated fairly in the divorce process. If you and the partner you are divorcing are the parents of one or more minor children, your attorney can help you create a parenting plan and help you deal with child support, custody, and visitation issues. Your legal rights, your financial interests, and the best interests of your children are among the factors that must be considered.

Finally, you need an attorney who is sensitive to the volatile and emotional issues that can emerge in a divorce proceeding – someone who will treat you with complete dignity, fight hard for justice on your behalf, and offer you every professional courtesy and consideration. If you are considering dissolution in the Boca Raton area or anywhere in South Florida – or if you are the partner who is “being divorced” – consult with a trustworthy and experienced Boca Raton divorce lawyer as quickly as possible.

How Long Does it Take to Get A Divorce in Florida?

If you are filing for an uncontested dissolution in which you and your spouse agree on matters like spousal maintenance, division of assets, child support, child custody, visitation and other aspects of the divorce, then you may be able to get a divorce much quicker. Typically, a dissolution as simple as this can be finalized in under five weeks’ time.

However, if your divorce is a contested dissolution, in which the two of you are unable to come to an agreement on all of these important matters, the court may have to step in to deliver a verdict. These types of divorces take much longer. Typically, a divorce that goes to court takes at least six months, or maybe even longer. Remember, if you have a hostile spouse, who is intent on making things as difficult for you as possible, then you can expect to spend several months going to and from the courthouse.

That’s why it’s best for you to try to settle your issues using the help of a Boca Raton family lawyer. Use a mediation service that will help you and your spouse resolve your issues, and come to an agreement on important aspects related to the divorce.

For help resolving divorce-related issues like alimony, child support, child custody, visitation, and other matters, speak to a Boca Raton family lawyer.

Should You Take Your Divorce to Court?

During the early stages of a divorce, you may be in an aggressive mood and maybe hurting or feeling resentful. In a situation like this, you may be agreeable to taking the case to court. Some marriages end in more-or-less simple divorces, and the ex-partners are able to work out their differences and reach agreements on their own. Other couples, however, have a tougher time. Divorces involving extensive financial assets can sometimes take months when specialists have to sort out the details of who gets what. Divorce attorneys collaborate with forensic accountants, valuation experts, real estate appraisers, and other specialists as the circumstances warrant to come to a final solution. Then the attorneys try to negotiate a dissolution agreement. However, it is important to remember that 9 out of 10 divorce cases are settled out of court. In fact, even most cases in which a couple does decide to take their case to court get settled before the trial date.

There are numerous reasons for this. For one thing, a settlement is easier on everyone concerned. If you can afford to compromise on some of the things that don’t matter as much, and if you can get your way on all of those aspects of the dissolution that matter the most, then go in for a settlement. Speak to a Boca Raton family lawyer, and take some time to decide whether you really want to prolong dissolution proceedings with a trial.

When the other partner simply refuses to negotiate fairly and leaves open no possibility for a compromise, you still need to ask yourself some questions. Will going to trial cost more than accepting a settlement you don’t like? Will a trial negatively impact your children? When your divorce goes to trial, you’ll have no more ability to negotiate. Are you willing to endure the length of a trial and accept whatever ruling the court delivers?

Remember, a trial in court is not just time-consuming, but also expensive. It takes money to conduct investigations, hire detectives, and conduct all of the budget analyses that will be involved in a trial. A trial doesn’t allow you to keep any aspect of your life private.

You should not agree to something that’s unfair just to avoid the difficulties of a trial. Just be certain that you are taking a realistic view of your situation and that you’re heeding the advice of a trustworthy divorce attorney. You have a right to justice, and an experienced Boca Raton divorce attorney can advocate aggressively on your behalf during negotiations, and if necessary, during a trial as well. If you are divorcing in south Florida, don’t wait to make the call.