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What to Do to Modify Child Support in the State of Florida

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There are several divorce decrees in the state of Florida that involve child support. As the circumstances in your life change, you or your former spouse may that the original child support agreement no longer fits your life. At this point, you may wonder what options you have.

It is possible for you to modify your child support arrangement through the court system. In some cases, securing the services of a family law attorney to help with this, as the situation may be more complex than you believed it would be.

Before you move forward, be sure that your current order allows for a modification, which is also something an Child Support Attorney can help with. Some of the main reasons a child support agreement may need to be modified can be found here.

Does the Order You Currently Have in Place Qualify for the Modification?

Before the court is going to provide you with a child support modification, you must verify that the change is significant enough to warrant this. The change you want to make must be identifiable. If you have taken the time to complete the calculation and the change has met this requirement, you can work with an attorney to plan the next step you should take. Usually, you must prove there’s a change in one of the following three areas to request this modification in child support.

1. Income Changes

There are some child support order modifications that are made because of a change in one parent’s income. Regardless of if you experience a decrease or increase in your income, your child support obligations may need to be modified to reflect this. You can also get a modification if your former spouse or the other parent has a change in their income.

2. Changes in Total Expenses

If the expenses in a child’s care change significantly, then the court may provide a modification for the child support plan. Some of the ways that the expenses related to a child’s care may be changed include:

  • New health insurance expenses
  • Medical diagnosis that requires more care
  • Changes in the cost or frequency of daycare
  • Enrollment in private school

A change in the parent’s expenses are also going to qualify as a reason to modify the existing plan. These are all factors that an attorney can help with.

3. Custody Changes

A change in Child Custody can also trigger the need for a modification to your child support. An example of this would be parents that have a 50-50 split in time sharing. If one parent does not exercise the parenting time they have been given, and the other one can prove it, the court will likely adjust the child support orders to reflect this.

Hire an Child Support Attorney for Help

If you want to ensure that you get the desired modifications for your child support case, the best thing you can do is to hire an attorney. They will be able to review the facts of your case and ensure that you reach an agreement that will meet your needs and that is in the best interest of the child. While the process may seem daunting at first, with the help of an Child Support Attorney Boca Rotan, you can achieve the desired end result.

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